Website Warranty


Four V LLC provides a 12-month warranty. This warranty starts the first day we start designing the website. The warranty covers both website and web hosting if it’s hosted through Appalachia Domains. If hosting is with any other company other than Appalachia Domains we reserve the right to charge an hourly rate to fix any hosting problem.

The Four V LLC website warranty covers any defects, bugs, or other service issues resulting from the development process. A ‘bug’ is considered any website feature which no longer functions as it did during the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase. A ‘defect’ is considered a significant issue that impedes the main functionality of the website.

  • Links that do not work
  • Images that do not load
  • Pages that do not load
  • Forms that do not work

If Four V LLC is engaged to update parts of your website beyond the initial User Acceptance Testing period these updates will come with a one week (7 days) warranty.

  • Changes made to the website via yourself or any other third party;
  • Changes made by a non-Four V LLC associated developer or web development company
  • Issues caused directly by your web hosting provider;
  • Issues caused directly by your domain name administrator;
  • Issues caused by transferring your web hosting service to a new provider;
  • Issues caused by your email service or provider;
  • Issues caused by third party plugins or modules;
  • Issues caused by updating your website CMS version;
  • Issues caused by any changes requested by you after the User Acceptance Testing phase.

All of which void any GUARANTEES the site will work as originally programmed.