Four V Web Development & Marketing

Celebrating 10 Years

Website Design Features and Add-Ons

Add a web page or subpage – $200

Adding a page to your existing WordPress website. We will add content, photos, whatever you would like on the site. More complex layouts with multiple columns could cost more but we would be upfront with the cost before we develop that page.

Additional Website Work By the Hour – $150

We offer other services. Content writing, training, or consulting. A quarter-hour minimum.

Installing an SSL Certificate – $300

We provide SSL Certificate installation service for most server types, a very common server is cPanel.

Logo Development – $100 to $400

The Logo designer will create a uniquely designed logo. The logo development is available from talented, brand-management specialists. 

MLS Integration – $2,000 flat rate setup

Setting up a realtor website takes extra time and software. If you are a realtor that wants to display listings from the MLS we can help with that. This price could change depending on fees from the realtor board or MSL system.

Google Maps Installed – $200

Add a Google Map on your website that is registered with Google.

Newsletter Setup – $200

Newsletters are a great way to stay in contact with your customers. keep your customers engaged with your brand. Businesses see a considerable return on their investment (ROI) in email marketing,

Microsoft 365 Email – $80 Annually

Look like a world-class business, even if you operate out of your garage, with professional email, Office 365, and small business apps that help you save time and be more productive.

More Features and Add-Ons for Websites

Forms – $120

We will create forms on your website. Adding enrollment forms or applications for hire and just about any type of form. This price includes adding the form to your site and 30 lines or questions on the form, anything above the line count will be $3 per line. The price can depend on the complexity of the form. One more thing, we do add reCAPTCHA to these forms to help stop spam.

Social Media Account Setup – $200 each

Do you have a Facebook business page, Twitter account, or other social media account, we can set that up for you. We will connect it to your website and fill in all the important information about your business.

Facebook Widget – $190

Have your Facebook post show on your website. Keep your clients or visitors informed from your Facebook page. This helps to keep your visitors engaged with your business.

Domain Name Transfer Services – $60

Sometimes a Domain Name Transfer is a must. Four V will take care of the process of changing your domain name from one registrar to a new registrar. We make managing your domain(s) simple. Whether you have one domain name or hundreds.

Create a Photo Gallery – $250

Create a photo gallery – You will need to supply the photos or pay for royalty for photos. We will upload up to 20 photos.

Installing a new WordPress Theme – $250

If you decide to change your WordPress theme or the content management system (CSM) we will do that for you.

Royalty-Free Photos – Included or $10+

Stock photos can be used on your website. We will include up to two stock photos for each page. However, if you would like additional royalty-free photos for use on the site, we can provide them for you for only $10 each or at cost, based on the stock image library actual costs. (Extra large images are $5 each.)

Brochure Design Services – $200

Brochure Design Services for your business. Brochures are useful in business places. Showcase your products and services with a new brochure.

E-Commerce Capabilities – $1,250

Track stock levels, set up alerts, and automatically stop selling products if inventory runs out. Essentially transform any WordPress-powered site into an online storefront.

Events Calendar – $300

Add an events calendar – the price does not include adding event postings which can be done for an additional $30 per post