Website Management Package Cost

Website Management

What is Website Management?

Web management refers to all of the activities included in the process of posting and maintaining a website. We do it all; manage your content, add the products, and make sure it’s secure. We keep your site updated and make sure it runs efficiently.

What is Web Hosting Services?

Web hosting service allows businesses and individuals to post websites on the internet. Without the web host, people would not be able to access your website or see your website on the internet. You need a host for your website and your email, we offer both and can manage both for you. Once we set up your website, you will not need to think about website or email hosting again.

Monthly Website Management Plan

With a monthly Website Management plan, you can maximize the Return On Investment (ROI) for your business and get the most out of your website. Four V LLC will keep your website up to date and maintain it properly. These services include backups, security, performance, monitoring, and more.

Website Managment and Hosting Management

Website Management is like two plans in one. You’ll get a website management plan and a website hosting plan. We’ll take care of your website and your hosting.

The monthly retainer covers monitoring, backups, and software updates to ensure your website works for you.

We'll Be Keeping Your Site Happy and Healthy

3 Website Care Packages

Web Care Package A

$100 Monthly

Below are a few of the tasks we will do for this package

  • Software updates
  • Website Backups
  • Images and text updates
  • WordPress Updates
  • Adding and updating links
  • Updating Photos
  • In most cases, we will manage your hosting service
  • 60 minutes of support time. Time does not roll over.

Web Care Package B

$110 Monthly

Web Care Package A Plus These Items

  • Email support
  • Membership Website
  • Manage Google Business
  • local maps
  • Webmaster Tools
  • 75 minutes of support time
  • We’ll Redesign or Make A New Website Every Three Years. Bank your hours towards a new website

Web Care Package C

$125 Monthly

Web Care Package A & B Plus These

  • E-commerce support
  • Local SEO
  • Monthly traffic report
  • Google Analytics
  • 90 minutes of support time
  • Discounts on other business services

Four V Delivers Value

Web Care Maintenance, West Virginia Web Design Company
Russell Vance is the founder of Four V LLC.
Website Design Pricing Packages
Website Design Pricing Packages

USA Based Website Support

Let Us Worry About Updates & Maintenance
You've Got Enough on Your Plate

Because your website does so much for your business, downtime just isn’t an option. We provide updates, backups on a cloud, and support even after your site is complete, so you only have to think about your website if you want to.

Website Task

  • Changing an address or contact information
  • Adding new images or pictures to your website
  • Making updates and new website development
  • Updating company directories and staff profiles
  • Adding recent company news to the website
  • Updating product pricing and sales
  • Adding promotions to the website
  • Updating hours of operation, schedules, and contact information
  • Enhancing existing website content and pages for SEO
  • Adding content to your website
  • Performing website updates and backups
  • Fixing bugs or errors on your website
  • Performing offsite local backups for you
  • Reviewing link structure and sitemap, looking for broken links
  • SEO optimizing image
  • Spelling and Grammar Checker