Four V LLC Huntington West Virginia

We want to share a few things about us. Four V LLC was founded in 2014. We are a small website design and Digital marketing business. We have a reputation for building websites that are easy to use and look great.  Our home office is located in Huntington, West Virginia.  Four V LLC has had a steady growth of clients.


Our Staff all Work and live in the USA

Everyone on the Four V LLC staff is a citizen of the USA, most of them live in the Huntington, West Virginia area. Labor may be cheaper in other countries; but, we support our local economy and our local businesses.  Also, there is less confusion when working with the staff here in Huntington, West Virginia.

Here is the team that makes Four V click!


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You are welcome to follow Russell on Twitter https://twitter.com/RussellWVance

Contact me at r.vance@fourvllc.com





A Graduate of Marshall University

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Brittany Vance graduated from Marshall University in 2011 with bachelor degrees in anthropology and French and has been doing archaeology work since. Brittany has also worked with art and costuming since she was a teenager and has taken over design at Four V LLC She is proficient in numerous programming languages as well as graphics and office management software.


Meet Rose, She Helps Us Around The Office

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Hi! My name is Rose and I am the most adorable, smart, playful dog.

A few quick facts about me:                                                                                                          

Breed: Beagle mix

Gender:  Female 

Age:  Born 2015

Size:  45 pounds

I am good with Dogs, Cats, and Kids of all ages

I was adopted from the Huntington Cabell Wayne Animal shelter March 26, 2016, by my mom.  They had a Hop to Adopt event at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena.  The people that had me before decided they did not want me so they threw me in a cage with some other dogs and left me at the shelter.   

I am a very energetic and outgoing I love car rides and walks.  When I play I love to run, jump and play fetch with my squeaky toys, I love to chew a lot on my chew bones but sometimes I forget and chew things I am not supposed to, like earbuds and glasses.  

I love to cuddle, hug and kiss and sometimes I forget my size and climb on laps for attention.  My new family gave me an entire section of their couch to lay on, at least I think it was meant to be mine.  In addition to my humans I also live with three cats Sylvester, Bubbles, and Cecil (or Donnie, chubs, Buddy?) He has multiple names.  The cats do not appreciate my sense of humor or my energy for life.  They hiss at me and sometimes Bubbles threatens me, but my buddy Cecil follows me around and sometimes he plays with me.  I feel so loved by my new family.  

If you ever decide you want a dog like me don’t go buy one from a breeder, get a rescue of a shelter dog.  We all deserve to be loved. 


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