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How is your Website ADA Compliance? AccessiBe is a game-changer in web accessibility, simplifying and streamlining the process of becoming accessible and compliant using AI, machine learning, and computer vision.

Website visuals are common and universal, making it simple for a sighted user to follow the flow of a site. As long as the layout makes sense, we don’t care how a website is coded.

Access Widget’s AI applies the same “thinking” process while analyzing a site. It visually matches elements and behaviors to millions of past encounters to learn from context what elements actually do and their purpose on the page.

Then all the necessary code adjustments are implemented to reflect blind people using screen readers precisely what’s on the screen and the purpose of every element, exactly as it was intended originally.

The #1 Web  Accessibility  Solution  for WCAG & ADA Compliance

  • Affordable Plans start
  • Efficient 2-minute integration & immediate turnaround
  • Compliant Accessibility statement and certifications
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AI-Powered processes
  • Screen-Reader Adjustments
  • Keyboard Navigation Adjustment
  • 24/7 Automatic Maintenance

Everyone  should be able to enjoy your website, regardless of ability!

The accessibility interface

accessWidget’s interface is a session-based design and UI adjustment tool that makes accessibility modifications based on a user’s individual needs. With the interface, users can customize your website to their individual accessibility needs.

AI-Powered processes

accessWidget’s machine learning processes run in the background and use contextual understanding and computer vision models to address the more complex requirements needed for screen reader and keyboard navigation accessibility.